Former W.H. Comm Director Speaks Out Against Trump And His Latest Attacks On Media


On Sunday, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared on MSNBC.


During the interview, Scaramucci discussed President Trump’s frequent attacks against the media.


“It’s okay to disagree but let’s not be at war, because it’s not good for America. I don’t think it’s good for him personally and it’s not good for the presidency. So that stuff I would really caution him on and give him advice not to do,” he began.


Scaramucci continued, stating, “I think sometimes when he’s tweeting at journalists, as an example, I would tell him, ‘Hey, let’s not do that.’ I think that we made a very big mistake early on in the administration when Steve Bannon declared war on the media.”


“I understand the documents that were written by our founders. It is super important to have a First Amendment right. And it is super important to check people, Kasie, that are in power,” Scaramucci added.


President Trump has been under heavy criticism for his latest attack against the media, which occurred during a rally held in Pennsylvania over the weekend.


“A certain anchor on CNN, fake as hell, CNN, the worst. Their ratings are lousy, by the way and compared to Fox, and a certain anchor, female, said, ‘This is really something. He would go down as a truly great president if this happened.’ They couldn’t believe it. CNN. MSNBC which is worse than — I think — MSNBC, third rate. And NBC, which is horrible. Their newscast by the way is not doing well on NBC network. They’re heading down the tubes,” Trump said during his speech.