Chuck Todd Slides in Subtle Response to Trump's Recent Personal Attack.

 NBC host Chuck Todd on Sunday mostly ignored President Donald Trump calling him a "sleeping son of a bitch" the day before, saving his only reference to the vulgar comment for the last line of his show. 

Wrapping up Meet the Press, Todd said only, "That's all we have for today. Neanderthals, sleepy eyes and all, we'll be back next week. If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press."

Both the "Neanderthal" and "sleepy" references alluded to comments Trump made while speaking to supporters in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

Trump took a shot at Todd after mentioning his own 1999 appearance on Meet the Press when he discussed the need to “take out” North Korea.

“A show now headed by ‘Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd,’” Trump said. “He’s a sleeping son of a bitch."