Californians Prepare Trump's Worst Nightmare Ahead of His Visit to San Diego.

It's no surprise Trump doesn't like protests or negative demonstrations in honor of his presidency. Trump formerly refused a visit to the UK when threats of massive protests in the UK reached him. This isn't the only time either as he's regularly referred to protests against him as fake, referring to the protestors in large cases as paid actors. With that in mind, it's easy to understand why Trump wouldn't like the reception they're preparing for him in California. 

The protests will largely circulate around his border wall, something that's hugely unpopular within California. 

Trump will spend about three hours in San Diego on Tuesday afternoon. The highlight is expected to be a tour of the eight different 30-foot chunks of wall near the U.S.-Mexico border — each of them a prototype for Trump's long-promised border wall.

After the tour, he'll deliver remarks to members of the military at the Miramar Marine air station before heading out to Beverly Hills for a fundraiser later that day.

This trip will be his first presidential visit to solid-blue California, a state he lost by more than 3 million votes during the election. Over the course of his presidency, California has emerged as the leader of the anti-Trump movement, taking stances in opposition on nearly every single issue, from sanctuary cities to the border wall.

The animosity and defiance toward the president is expected to continue Tuesday in San Diego, with at least two planned protests against Trump's visit on both sides of the border. However, there is also at least one group is that is rallying in support.

Nearly a week ago, local groups began planning rallies and protests in San Diego's Otay Mesa neighborhood — near where the eight border wall prototypes are located.

San Diegans for Secure Borders is hosting a “big rally” in support of the president’s visit on Tuesday morning in that neighborhood, according to a Facebook invitation. 

Despite California's reputation as a Democratic stronghold statewide, the suburbs around San Diego are represented by Republicans in Congress, and there's a sizable military presence in the area, where Trump tends to draw strong support. 

“The federal government needs to get serious about securing the border,” group founder Jeff Schwilk said. “There’s hope with President Trump in office that we’re going to get there eventually.”

That event is open to “all supporters of strong border security,” the group’s Facebook invitation said, adding that San Diego County Sheriff’s Department will be there, “to keep any open border radicals and protesters away from our rally.”

But, as expected, even more protests are planned against Trump's visit, in a community where many regard his idea to build a border wall as an affront to the region's shared identity.