Co Author of "Art of the Deal" Indicates Trump May Have Personality Disorder

The man who co-authored Donald Trump’s signature book issued a stern warning about the president’s mental health.

Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote 1987′s The Art of the Deal with the future president, called Trump “delusional” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. 

He also asked if Trump is “crazy like a fox or just crazy,” then answered his own question: 

“I think the overwhelming weight of evidence suggests that he’s just crazy. And not crazy, causal crazy. I’m talking about crazy ― I’m not a psychiatrist, so I actually can get away with saying this ― but crazy as a personality disorder.”

“Simple answer is, he says whatever he thinks serves him,” Schwartz said. “And while he’s saying it, he does believe it.” 

The full interview is posted online on Mediaite.

Schwartz has been predicting that Trump will ultimately resign but declare “victory” as he leaves office. 

“I surely believe that at some point over the next period of time he’s going to have to figure out a way to resign,” Schwartz told CNN in May.