Retiring Sen Corker Discusses Possibility of an NFL Star ReplacingHim

It's "possible" but not necessarily likely that former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning will run for Tennessee's open U.S. Senate seat, retiring Sen. Bob Corker said Wednesday.

The outgoing GOP senator said he spoke with Manning on Wednesday morning, one day after Corker said he won't run for a third term. Corker said Manning is enjoying private life and time with his family but would be a formidable force if he were to run for the seat.

"If he were to run nobody in their right mind would consider running against him," Corker said, though he warned: "I would not be putting in the headlines today that he's going to be running for the Senate."

Corker has golfed with Manning and President Donald Trump this year, dined with the retired quarterback several times and speaks to him.

"Peyton Manning is the kind of guy that would be great in public office. ... I think it's possible. Is it likely? I don't think so," Corker said. "If he got a huge rush of public inquiries it would probably push him away."