Ivanka Trump's Website Claims to "Empower Women," Yet Its Real Purpose Isn't So Noble

If you type Ivanka Trump into Google her website surfaces with the phrase "Inspiring and Empowering Women" alongside it. How she's both inspiring and empowering women isn't yet clear but underneath the prominently displayed tagline reads: "shop our handbags now." 

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 4.06.05 PM.png

After entering the website you're taken to a homepage displaying Ivanka Trump's designer handbags and fashion items - all of which are for sale at what one must imagine is very high-end pricing for items made from sweatshop labor in Bangladesh. 

While the website has other features including a fashion blog - where you can find articles describing the necessity of her high-end, designer goods - the website in its entirety seems to be mostly an online store aimed at selling as many items as possible, despite the claim that its purpose is to inspire and empower women. In fact, despite the online store's claim that its purpose is female empowerment, not a single other mention of female equality, rights, or progress is made leaving one to wonder why the claim is made at all. Unless of course, the sole purpose of the claim is to help aid in the sale of high-end fashion goods.