Governor Signs Law Protecting Animal Rights, and Increasing Penalties For Animal Abusers.

The 27-pound dog may look like any other sociable Boston terrier with a penchant for treats and a tolerance for getting his picture taken but Libre is not just any canine.  

He is a celebrity whose name will now be associated with Pennsylvania's stricter anti-animal cruelty law, which Gov. Tom Wolf signed on Wednesday. Libre added his endorsement by placing a pawprint on a copy of the bill.  

"I have it on good authority that he is very proud to have this legislation called Libre's Law," Wolf said.

Surrounded by an army of Republican and Democratic lawmakers and animal rights activist on the Capitol grounds, Wolf signed legislation that he and several described as the most comprehensive animal protection measure in state history.

It addresses several animal rights concerns including:

  • Increases penalties for heinous animal abuse,
  • Adds protections for horses,
  • Imposes some tethering restrictions that apply to dogs confined outside, and
  • Grants civil immunity to vets, human society officers and vet technicians from frivolous lawsuits when reporting animal cruelty.