Former Leader of Mexico Hilariously Nicknames Trump While Exposing GOP Tax Plan

As the GOP continues to push ahead with their tax reform bill, millions of Americans stand to pay more in taxes while President Trump and other billionaires will save millions. Even Warren Buffett has told Congress to stop “coddling the super-rich”. But lawmakers refuse to listen to that common sense logic and the GOP leadership is desperately trying to give President Trump his first legislative win after their many failing attempts to pass an ObamaCare repeal and replace bill.


When former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada got wind of Trump’s tax plan he took to social media to point out that Trump and his family will save a million dollars from the legislation, and then upgraded that number to billions. Fox Quesada has never been afraid to tell Trump how it is in a blunt way. He does not sugarcoat, which neither does Trump. Yet Trump seems to be sensitive when the criticism is in his direction. Clearly, Trump is only motivated by self-interest and winning. He cares nothing about the well-being of average Americans. This much was clear back when he wanted to repeal ObamaCare with a bill that would leave millions without health coverage.


He went on to call Trump a “greedy turd.”  The former Mexican President tweeted: “@realDonaldTrump and his family could save up to 1 million dollars with his tax reform. He isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he’s a greedy turd. It’s actually, billions! Nepotism, greediness. He’s working for himself and himself only. America doesn’t even appear in his top 50 priorities.”


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