Hard Core Conservatives Take Serious Offense After SNL Targets Roy Moore

There is still a very real chance — if not likelihood — that Roy Moore will be elected the next senator from Alabama. This despite The Washington Post reporting Thursday on a detailed account of a woman who says Moore initiated sexual contact with her when she was 14 and he was 32. Members of the state GOP are standing up for Moore, after all, with some even saying they'd support Moore if the allegations were true.

And for that, “Saturday Night Live” made Alabama the butt of a series of jokes in its cold open this weekend.

“Voters in Alabama will never elect someone who's had relations with a minor,” the Vice President Pence character says.

“You sure about that?” asks SNL's Roy Moore, dressed in a leather vest and cowboy hat.

“No,” Pence admits.

Pence later tells Moore: “It's hard to convince people that you're not into young girls when you dress like Woody from 'Toy Story.'”

After Pence tells Moore he needs to “do the right thing” — a clear suggestion that he should drop out of the race — Moore responds, “All right, if everyone thinks I did it, I'll marry her.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon, then makes an appearance. The man who used to hold the same Senate seat Moore is seeking tells him, “I'm Alabama, but you — you, sir, are too Alabama.”

By the end, just to drive home the point, Sessions pulls out a stuffed possum that he calls “papa” and seeks its advice.

Watch the whole skit below: 

The thing about this skit though is that while it is funny, it doesn't enourage anyone from Alabama or Roy Moore's base to switch sides, in fact, it does the opposite. The polling numbers mentioned above show Roy Moore still has a real shot at winning the Senate - something that would make Americans all losers if it were allowed to happen. With this in mind maybe SNL should curb the Alabama jokes just slightly, and instead offer some support to voters looking for an alternative candidate - but that's just a thought.