McConnell, & Kellyanne Conway Weigh in on Trump-Corker Dispute From Different Sides

A day after a Twitter feud erupted between President Donald Trump and Sen. Bob Corker, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday said Corker is "a valuable member of the Senate Republican caucus."

"Sen. Corker is a valuable member of the Senate Republican caucus and he's also on the Budget committee and a particularly important player as we move to the floor on the budget next week and he's an important part of our team," the Kentucky Republican said during a stop in Hazard, Kentucky, according to the Associated Press.

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, on Monday called Sen. Bob Corker's tweet criticizing Trump "incredibly irresponsible."

During an interview on "Fox and Friends," Conway was asked about Corker's tweet on Sunday that referred to the White House as "an adult day care center," with co-host Brian Kilmeade saying it was "a demeaning tweet at the president."

"Well it is, and world leaders see that," Conway replied. "I find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible. It adds to the insulting that the mainstream media and the president's detractors ... to their ability and their cover to speak about the president of the United States ... in ways that no president should be talked about."


In an interview with the New York Times, Corker said Trump is leading the United States “on the path to World War III” with threats the president makes toward other countries.

Corker also criticized Trump's tweeting habits, saying the president had undermined diplomacy with his tweeting, but did not offer specifics.

“I know he has hurt, in several instances, he’s hurt us as it relates to negotiations that were underway by tweeting things out," Corker said.