While Trudeau Scored Big On Halloween Betsy DeVos Managed to Leave Many Offended.

Even Betsy DeVos' Halloween costume has become controversial.

To a White House celebration of the spooky day, she donned a bright red wig and a black dress covered in bright planets.

The education secretary was dressed as Ms. Frizzle, the teacher in "The Magic School Bus," a recently revamped 1990s cartoon about a science class that travels through space, into a reservoir, even through a student's intestines.

Lily Tomlin voiced the original Frizzle. The new series, available on Netflix, focuses on her sister, voiced by Kate McKinnon. "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda now sings the theme song.

From her confirmation hearing on, as she has pulled back Obama-era rules protecting student loan borrowers and transgender students, DeVos has attracted protesters and controversy. As on most days, on Halloween, many people are voicing their displeasure with her.


DeVos supported Trump's announcement that he would pull out of the Paris climate change accord. When reporters asked about her views on climate change, DeVos said: "I believe that, certainly, the climate changes."

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Justin Trudeau on the other hand left audiences cheering with his choice for Halloween. 

On Tuesday at the House of Commons, the Canadian Prime Minister was wearing eyeglasses, which were rather unusual.

Turns out, Trudeau is the man of steel.

Trudeau dressed as Clark Kent (aka Superman), and he flashed the Superman logo on his way into the House.

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