In Heartfelt Post Al Franken Begs Congress to Address Gun Control Following Las Vegas.

The following first appeared on Al Franken's Facebook page in the wake of the violent shooting in Las Vegas. 

"It is difficult to find the words to express how deeply saddened I am by the tragedy in Las Vegas. To everyone who lost someone in this heinous act, I hope you find some small amount of solace knowing that Americans from every corner of the country are thinking about you today. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling, and I am so terribly sorry.

We are still learning the details of what happened though we may never know why.

We do know that last night, a man named Stephen Paddock murdered nearly 60 people and injured more than 500 others—a staggering number of casualties, especially considering that law enforcement believes that he acted alone.

The New York Times reports that video of the rampage shows 9 seconds of rapid-fire gunshots, followed by about 40 seconds of silence—presumably as he reloaded—followed by two more short periods of gunfire.

Mr. Paddock was able to kill scores of people all by himself in what appears to be a matter of minutes. He was able to do that because he had 19 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Some news reports indicate that some of the weapons were fully automatic, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

What we do know is that he was able to fire so many bullets in that short time that the gun smoke caused the hotel’s smoke alarms to activate. It seems that’s how SWAT teams were able to locate him.

I know many of you feel frustrated that we won’t ever address gun violence. But we cannot give up. Please, continue to make your voices heard. The only way Congress will ever muster the moral courage to act in the wake of these horrific—and alarmingly frequent—acts is if it is forced to. There are simple, commonsense—and widely supported—fixes we can make. We owe it to the victims and their families."