Fox News Erupts After New Revelations About Clinton and the Trump Dossier Emerge.

(The following is an Op-Ed written by Tucker Benedict, who you can follow on Facebook for more.) 

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election in 2016 but that hasn't stopped Trump and conservative news outlets from constantly bringing her back into the national spotlight with attacks and new e-mail revelations whether anyone seems to care or not. For most Americans, it seems about as irrelevant as Clinton's book entitled "what happened." 

With this in mind, it was no surprise that Fox is going absolutely nuts after a Washington Post report discovered that The Democratic National Committee and a lawyer for Hillary Clinton helped bankroll research that led to the now-infamous dossier on alleged ties between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian government operatives, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday. (Remember when Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with Russian officials in an attempt to get dirt on Clinton but there was no mention of that by Fox.) 

Marc Elias, a lawyer who represented the DNC and the Clinton campaign, retained a Washington firm, Fusion GPS, to carry out the research, the sources said. Services from the firm were retained from April 2016 until before the election in early November, a source said.

The involvement of the Clinton campaign and the DNC could lead to the first legal test for investigators on Capitol Hill. Fusion GPS has asked that a federal judge block a request for the House Intelligence Committee that would grant lawmakers access to Fusion GPS' bank records. The firm argues that turning over the records would violate its constitutional rights. 


So while Fox News has every reporter talking about it and featured the story on their website nobody else seems to care. If you look at everyone other major news publication the story is certainly being covered, but nowhere is it featured like it is on Fox. 

So what does Fox have to gain by pushing this story on readers? Well, it's worth noting that recently GOP led committees in the house have reopened old controversies and deals made by the Obama administration and by Clinton when she was Secretary of State. These investigations seem to be less based on evidence and more based on the fact that Trump is under investigation for collaborating with Russia and Democrats can't stop talking about, so in response, the GOP launched their own investigations. From here it's easy to see that Fox, who's known for working in tandem with the conservative agenda instead of promoting honest journalism, is merely setting the stage to make these investigations into the Obama administration and into Clinton mainstream news - which in turn will diminish the importance and focus of the investigation into Trump and Russia. 

But as partisan feuds escalate I can't help but ask the question: when did the GOP become more concerned with winning than protecting America's interests internationally? Now there are obvious exceptions, one only has to look to John McCain to see an example of an honest Republican in power, but for the most part the GOP seems more concerned with retaliation and gaining the upper hand over Democrats, than finding out how Russia interfered in our election and how the hell we stop it from happening again.

If this trend continues it will only embolden Russia, Iran, and North Korea, who all have prominent cyber capabilities, when they're considering breaking into US computers. If this topic continues to be dismissed by the in power GOP because it favored their candidate, only one thing is certain: it will get worse.