Florida Black Caucus Bashes General Kelly; Huckabee Sander's Response Leaves Many Openly Worried.

 Florida’s legislative black caucus on Tuesday bashed White House chief of staff John Kelly as “an empty suit” and called on him to apologize to Rep. Frederica Wilson for falsely accusing her amid a controversy concerning the death of an Army soldier who was a constituent of hers.

The group's news conference marked the seventh straight day that the dust-up snagged headlines after President Donald Trump called the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson and fumbled his condolence message to her as she, family members and Wilson were driving to retrieve his body from Miami International Airport. He was killed in an Oct. 4 ambush with three other soldiers in Niger.

But for all the condemnation of Kelly and his boss, Trump, the caucus stopped short of agreeing with Wilson’s statements that the “White House is full of white supremacists.”

And, caucus members said, they didn’t believe it was racist, per se, for Kelly to call Wilson an “empty barrel” who made a lot of noise when she spoke about her accomplishments during a 2015 FBI building ceremony.

Kelly, though, “flat out lied when he said she boasted that she was instrumental in securing federal funding” for the building, said state Sen. Perry Thurston, the caucus chairman, who served with Wilson when she was in the state Legislature before her 2010 election to Congress.

Kelly has refused to set the record straight or apologize for wrongly characterizing the substance of Wilson’s comments at the ceremony, which were captured on video.

But while all the cameras and attention is on the spat between Trump, a fallen soldier's widow, and now General Kelly, the ball was dropped on responding to Huckabee Sander's terrifying response to the Florida Black Caucus. 

The White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, says it is “highly inappropriate” to question Mr. Kelly because he is a former four-star general.

So essentially Mr. Kelly can say, “Up is down, and down is up,” and according to Ms. Sanders should not be questioned. Someone needs to tell her that George Orwell’s “1984” is a novel, not an instruction manual. While General Kelly served this country admirably if we cannot question the White House Cheif of Staff without having our patriotism called into question do we truly live in a place that values free speech? This certainly seems to be a slippery slope toward some sort of Orwellian nightmare.