Paul Ryan Intervenes In Corker Trump Dispute.

The Wisconsin Republican, known for his no-drama approach to Trump, quipped that “I’ve had my share too” when asked about the Corker-Trump spat. Trump often hit Ryan last year for initially refusing to endorse his candidacy and then later refusing to campaign with him following Trump's “Access Hollywood” scandal.

“I think just talk it out amongst yourselves,” Ryan suggested. “My advice is for these two gentleman to sit down and just talk through their issues. I think that’s the best way to get things done."

That echoes other GOP lawmakers who are pleading with both men to stop bickering for the good of the party.

Corker made waves recently for suggesting Trump’s penchant for drama could lead to World War III. Trump responded by saying the Tennessee Republican, whom he’s dubbed “Liddle Bob Corker,” begged for his endorsement for reelection and decided to retire because he didn’t get it.

Corker said that, in fact, Trump encouraged him to run but he declined.